I am grateful for . . .

  • A safe refuge
  • My Bose headset
  • A loving, supportive family
  • An easy drive into work
  • The ability to work from home this afternoon
  • Long weekends

Posted on 2014-08-29

I am grateful for . . .

The evening yesterday was particularly rough for me, so I feel especially grateful for the top one:

  • Thank you to my family and visiting friend for being so very patient and supportive of me
  • The ability to say no and do my own thing without guilt or bitchiness
  • That my toe is finally healing (after I additionally ran it into a bed after dropping a shelf on it, whee)
  • That I'm not the clumsiest person in the world, only close
  • Water, agua, and H2O

Posted on 2014-08-27

I can't believe that we would
lie in our graves
Wondering if we had
spent our living days well
I can't believe that we would
lie in our graves
Dreaming of things that we
might have been

Would you not like to be
I can't believe that you
would not like to be
Would you not like to be
ok, ok, ok

Dave Matthews Band, Lie in our Graves
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